Services and Pricing

Please note that Gorge Health is not a bulk-billing practice.

All appointments will incur a cost. Medicare Rebates (if applicable) are processed on site.

Failure To Attend

If you are unable to attend an appointment, it is expected that you make every effort to let the clinic know. Three Failure to attends consecutively will result in a $85.00 no rebate administration charge.

Current Pricing (subject to change)

Consultation Consult Fee Medicare Rebate From Your Pocket
Less than 5 mins $50.00 $17.20 $32.80
Standard (5 to 20 mins) $85.00 $37.60 $47.40
Long (21 to 40 mins) $125.00 $72.80 $52.20
Over 40 mins $165.00 $107.15 $57.50
Nurse Visit $30.00 No Rebate $30.00
Repeat Prescriptions (not online) $15.00 No Rebate $15.00
As per Centrelink "Concession card holders are not automatically entitled to be bulk billed".

What Nurses can do at Gorge Health

Please note Nurse Appointments are not covered by Medicare or DVA
Service Fee
Wound care $30.00
Ear Syringing $30.00
ECG $30.00 (Medicare Rebate available if referred by Gorge Health Doctors)
Spirometry (Medicare Rebate available if referred by Gorge Health Doctors) $30.00
4 Year old health check $30.00
45+ health check At Doctors Discretion
Medical certificates up to 3 days $30.00
INR $40.00 (if not requested by Gorge Health Doctors)
$10.00 (if requested by Gorge Health Doctors)
Blood Glucose Level Check $10.00
Removal of Stitches and staples $30.00 (unless put in by a Gorge Health Doctor)
Pre anaesthetic checks At Doctors Discretion
Pregnancy Test $45.00 ($15.00 for the test + $30.00 nurse visit)
Baby height and weight $30.00 (unless being seen by doctor on same day)
Pre assessments for medicals No charge (must be seen by doctor on same day)
Immunisations (Adult) $30.00 (unless script is done by one of our doctors – if more than one needle i.e. HepA and HepB the first one is no charge and the next ones $30)
Immunisations (Child) $30.00
PAP Smears $30.00
Removal of IUD $30.00
STI Checks $30.00
*Please note that prices are subject to change.